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If you have seen something on the website (or indeed, have not seen what you want, it is always worth asking me if I can do it for you anyway), please email me sales@a-la.co.uk and I will be able to get straight back to you to make sure your order is bespoke, both in style and in convenience to you.

Do you have an old piece of battered furniture, which you don’t know what to do with?
Or some fabric, which you love but sits in a cupboard, gathering dust?
You can send these to me and I will turn them into something wonderful for you.
Wooden and metallic furniture can be given a new lease of life and that fabric can finally have a use as a cushion, padded dining seat, wall art or even a fancy bag!

As well as tailoring items to fit your colour scheme, products can be personalised with embroidery of names of loved ones, pet’s names or patterns.

The majority of my pattern fabrics are imported from America, so large orders may take a short while longer.

If there is a specific pattern that you have in your mind and cannot find anywhere, I can try my best to realise this for you with silk screening.